Birthday: May 15
Grade: Secondary 1 (High School)

Nahoum is incredibly bright and responsible. Like many of the children at the Mission, his favorite subject is science; he especially loves to learn about geography, plants, and the solar system. Nahoum plays the drums and guitar—maybe one day the virtuoso will pick up the violin, his favorite instrument. If you’re considering a gift for him, give him a biography, as he enjoys reading about the exploits of greats like J.R.R. Tolkien and the Brothers Grimm. Though a picky eater himself, Nahoum is the Mission’s chef. Share some rice and beans with him—his favorite meal—or celebrate Independence Day in January—his favorite holiday—with a special meal courtesy of Nahoum: pumpkin soup with dumplings and carrots. He also likes to care for others by tutoring his classmates and helping the staff with their Creole and English. Nahoum considers Mr. Mitch his role model because helps people in need and “teaches us good manners and lessons on appreciation.”

Updates from the Mission

STEAM Week Take 2!

Dan Wenkel and Dr. Beth Robelia, dedicated science teachers from Minnesota, returned with fellow educator and art teacher, Chris Weihe, for another engaging STEAM week in March. STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics, is...

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Holiday Happenings at Have Faith Haiti

Holy exclamations, Batman, that's a lot of alliteration! But there was also a lot of spirit as we celebrated the holy season. Over the weekend we honored some of our sports folks. We broke bread together on Christmas eve, and Manno, home from college for the first...

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Learning How to Care for Our Planet

Last weekend, students at Have Faith Haiti were treated to an all-day field trip to an ecological reserve called Wynne Farm.  Taking a multi-faceted approach to nature preserve, Wynne Farm is one of the few nature attractions, ecological parks, environmental schools,...

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A Week of Scientific Exploration

Science Week came to Have Faith Haiti, thanks to Dan and Beth Wenkel, two scientists from Minnesota who devoted an entire week to different science projects and lessons for students at every education level.  First and foremost, a lesson on safety. Mirlande and...

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