Meet the Children: Yearbook

Why Sponsor a Child?

It is by addressing food security, educational opportunity, preventive health, and home and safety needs that faith has, for the first time in many of our children’s lives, become hope. For just $30 per month, or $360 per year as a vital investor in our community in these four key areas, your sponsorship helps make this better life — one that every child is entitled to — possible.

Sponsorship Basics

While sponsors will receive clear and thorough guidelines upon signing up, the following represent the most frequently-asked about details. 

Contact / access

  • Sponsors receive periodic photos and updates for major holidays and events in their student life: at the beginning of the school year, Christmas, Easter, “All About Me” worksheets, and the Have Faith News, a monthly newspaper for and by the students
  • For the health of our community and to discourage preferential treatment, we limit direct access to our children. Sponsorship does not grant donors special access to visit the Mission.

Sending mail / gifts

  • As you can imagine, the safety of the children is our first priority. Sponsors are provided clear guidelines about what is and isn’t acceptable to send to students. 
  • Opportunities to provide needed goods above a monthly or annual sponsorship are shared with sponsors, usually for Christmas, Easter, and back-to-school shopping.
  • When time away from their schoolwork allows, students are allowed to write thank you notes to their sponsors.

For additional questions and specifics, please contact us at

Thank You

We have built new bathrooms, dormitories, and a world-class education through the Have Faith Haiti Bilingual School, and continue to improve the orphanage’s operation and infrastructure.

While they have always had faith, our children have been given hope for bright futures and instilled with the values of kindness, curiosity about their world, and the importance of giving back.


While not currently enrolled in the Have Faith Haiti Bilingual School, the following are always a part of our Mission family.

Collége & Secondary




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