Meet the Children

Why Sponsor a Child?

For just $30 per month, or $360 per year, you can feed one of our children at the Have Faith Haiti Mission. Most of our kids were surviving on one cup of rice and beans a day. Today, they eat three nutritionally balanced meals each day. For the first time in the mission’s history, there is a dining room and a large dining room table adjacent to the kitchen. Before, the children ate wherever they found a space to settle. Communal meals—shared around a table and after Grace is recited—continue to foster a nurturing sense of family and community. When they arrived, they were fortunate to have one set of clothes. At the mission, the children have school outfits, church clothes, sleeping attire and an endless supply of shoes and flip-flops. When the earthquake hit, the children bathed in buckets with soapy water, now replaced with real showers and running water. New flush toilets replaced the holes in the ground they once used. Prior to the repairs made to the dormitories’ infrastructures, children were sleeping outside on the ground, too afraid to return indoors after residual tremors. We continue to rebuild and improve the orphanage’s operation and infrastructure. Your donations help make this better life—one that every child is entitled to—possible. Every donation—every dollar—goes so very far at the mission in Haiti. Sponsor a Child

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