With your help, we were able to move.

For 12 years, the Have Faith Haiti Mission and its nearly 100 residents and workers were housed inside a cramped, third-of-an-acre concrete rectangle. The property backed up to a sewage/trash treatment facility. Over time, the streets grew dangerous. For the health, safety and future of our children, we needed to move.

Our new home gives us room to grow for decades, and our kids are thriving in a welcoming, green-space environment. But transferring operations, refurbishing existing structures and building what we need requires funding. That’s why we created the Mission to Move Fund.

We encouraged folks like you to join us to help continue building a beautiful, safe, spacious new home through A Year of Thanks & Giving beginning in November 2022.

For one year, we identified our most essential projects for our new campus. You showed up. Your generosity and dedication have enabled us to achieve significant milestones.

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How to donate by mail

With your help, we were able to complete these projects:


Built a new kitchen and dining hall


Purchased an armored safety car


Constructed the nursery for our Early Development Center

February / March

Built a garden and chicken coop


Build and staff a clinic — 20% funded. 80% to go.


Increase security with a new full time security team and security camera system. We still need our safe room.


We made the grass grow in Haiti!

Children playing on synthetic lawn at Have Faith Haiti

A new year is here, but we still need your help.

Why a safe room?

In a country riddled with uncertainty, the safe room at Have Faith Haiti represents more than just shelter. It is a sanctuary, a symbol of security and strength, and a promise that our children are safe with us. Your contribution guarantees that we are prepared to protect our children in the face of adversity.

Why a clinic?

The current state of the public medical system is unreliable, understaffed and under-resourced. In light of these factors, it’s necessary for our children to get the care they need right in our gates. Many of our children require daily medication and therapies to manage their conditions such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, asthma and recovery from malnutrition.This clinic will be a dedicated, comforting space for our children to heal and grow. Our long term goal is to open the doors of our clinic to our neighbors for even greater impact.

Every campaign is a chance to show our children the power of community and compassion. Thank you for your unwavering support during A Year of Thanks & Giving and into the future. Together, we can move mountains. 

Give by mail

Donations by check to the Mission to Move Fund may be made payable to Have Faith Haiti Mission Support Trust and mailed to:

Have Faith Haiti Mission Support Trust
c/o A Hole in the Roof Foundation
29836 Telegraph Road
Southfield, MI 48034

All donations to the Have Faith Haiti Mission Support Trust (EIN 85-0701574) are tax deductible.