Grade: Primary 4

Birthday: November 27

We call her little Gina, but her voice is anything but — you can hear it resonate across the mission. Her voice only matches her strong-willed and bold spirit, both on display at nightly devotions while singing her favorite songs. Gina believes in helping others. Gina has a sparkling personality and all the characteristics of a great leader. In her free time she likes to read and play the violin. She has a passion for acting and would like to be an actress when she is older. She is inspired when she watches movies at the mission. Her favorite subject in school is science.

Updates from the Mission

A Young Writers’ Retreat

Esther, Shamaika, Angeline, Jimmyna, and Stephania have been spending a lot of their free time recently writing short stories and even designing pictures for each page. They asked one of their teachers, Danielle, to help them edit, and soon they formed their own...

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