Grade: Alumni
Birthday: November 20

Edney was our first student to graduate from the Mission’s school. Bright like his cousin Widley who also lives at the Mission, Edney is inquisitive and precocious. We are sure the “E” in his name stands for “encyclopedia,” his favorite book, for all the information he eagerly absorbs. This young scholar also has a passion for classical music. He loves to play the bass and enjoys reading in his free time. Edney has a great sense of humor and is loved by all of the children. He is looking forward to starting college in the fall and plans to study business.  In the future he would like to be the Director of the Have Faith Haiti Mission.

Updates from the Mission

Haiti, Safety and Public Opinion

Our friends at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer have announced activation of their Emergency Operations Plan after an armed group descended on their town of Desjardins, breaking into homes and kidnapping victims at will. Within hours of the attack, at least 12 people had...