Nickname: Kiki
Birthday: January 6
Grade: Secondary 1 (High School)

Chivensky, also known as “Kiki” and “Dr. Chivensky,” is ambitious, eager to learn, and a leader around the Mission. Among his many titles, Kiki was the middle-school level winner in both the French and English Spelling Bees held in 2017. As his victories prove, Kiki is a budding scholar. When he’s not in class studying his favorite subject—science—you can find him studying independently and reading all kinds of nonfiction books to absorb as many facts as possible! Kiki tempers his studies with creative pursuits such as playing the piano, drums, and guitar. A devout Christian, Kiki shows off his musicality while leading devotions and singing his favorite, “No Longer Slaves.” Besides aspiring to be a doctor, musician, and singer, Kiki enjoys playing soccer and would like to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo. Included on his list of role models are Mr. Mitch and Miss Cara because they are “very smart.”

 When Kiki first arrived at the mission, we had no space to admit him and his brother, so his mother traveled two hours each day just to bring them back and forth. He blossomed so quickly in our school that it only seemed right to welcome him into the Have Faith Haiti family!

Updates from the Mission

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Counting Sheep Just a Little Better

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