Grade: Secondary 2

Nicknames: Kiki and Dr. Chivensky
Birthday: January 6

A budding scholar, Kiki is ambitious, eager to learn, and a leader around the Mission. Besides aspiring to be a doctor, musician, and singer, Kiki enjoys playing soccer and would like to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

Updates from the Mission

Learning the Art of Handicraft

Two new wonderful volunteer additions at our school are teaching the joy — and the skills — of the craft maker.

Delayed Until the Fall, This Year’s Spelling Bee is As Ambitious As Ever!

Can you spell Platyhelminthes?!

This year, our annual Spelling Bee was held in September. Although it’s usually a late spring event, school director Cara Nesser wasn’t able to visit because of COVID-19 restrictions. Held just before the start of our new fall term, the spelling bee thus came with an extra challenge: the students had to remember vocabulary words from last year, and study them again.

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