The Worst of the Hurricane Matthew Passes

Oct 4, 2016 | News + Updates

While the worst of Matthew’s storm potential has passed Haiti, the worst effects of the storm are still unknown as rescue workers are not yet able to get to the areas hardest hit–areas without the infrastructure and resources they need to endure the storm.  Nor its aftereffects–such as mudslides, contaminated water, and homelessness.


We’re left with a drizzle. Winds have died down and it seems to have passed. Inside, we’ve kept busy doing yoga, dancing, singing, drawing, making bracelets, doing puzzles, reading, and playing various games. The kids have enjoyed this hurricane a little more than they should have. We’ve had a number of discussions about how lucky we are and how thankful we are for our shelter. 

We had an easy day compared to others, but the rain has now picked up. Thunder rolls in over the mountains and we can see that while the worst of the storm may have passed, rain will continue for days. I’m getting reports that thousands of homes were washed away and friends in the mountains have had their roofs ripped off. Fallen trees have divided homes and many streets are flooded. 

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