The Spelling Bee Turns Six

Jul 21, 2019 | News + Updates

The annual spelling bee at the Have Faith Haiti Bilingual School is both a year-end celebration of our students’ language advancement and a fun way for teachers to evaluate students’ spelling skills. Inevitably, some familiar faces make it to the final rounds and in keeping with tradition, the students’ excitement in preparing usually means a few ties!

Please enjoy this recap of the 2019 Bee, held on June 14th

Junior Spelling Bee – Primary 3

In an epic nail biter, we ended with a FIRST EVER four-way tie. After conquering words like “catalyst,” “phosphorus,” “supernova,” & “primordial soup,” Lorvens, Danois, Bettinie, and Djuline couldn’t be defeated and all emerged victorious after four rounds. Nickenson, the runner-up, was eventually eliminated by the word, “conjugate,” but fought a good fight!

Intermediate Spelling Bee – Collége 1

Samanza, Enolyka, and Louvenson all advanced to round five with ease after spelling words like, “Neanderthal,” “Mesozoic,” “Quaternary,” & “homonyms.” Ultimately, Samanza succumbed to the word, “heterotroph,” and Louvenson was knocked out by “Brachiosaurus.” Enolyka prevailed by correctly spelling, “Caribbean & Pleistocene” to take home to honor of champion.

Senior Spelling Bee – Collège 2

The competition began with the triumph over words such as, “shoals,” “arthropods,” and “brief” during the first round. Appoloste and Widley both sailed through round three, when Widley was suddenly overthrown by the word, “symmetry.” After skillfully spelling words like “permeable” and ultimately, “detritus,” Appoloste emerged victorous. According to Appoloste, “It feels like a dream come true!”

Advanced Spelling Bee – Secondary 1

The Secondary students started off strong and mastered words like, “cantankerous,” “umami,” & “benelovent.” After losing three contestants in round two, Esterline, Junie-Anna, and Chivensky progressed to round four. Chivensky ultimately came out on top as the champion after spelling, “monotheistic.”



Junior Word Master is a new activity this year, which the kids play every week to advance to different levels and win different stages of the game. To do so they try to see how many words they can make from one of their science words. They’ve been playing all year long, and two of our students have emerged as the winners by total. Congrats to Bettinie and Danois on their achievement!


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