Dental Checkups For Everyone!

Mar 20, 2014 | Have Faith Haiti, News + Updates

Dental checkups on 34 kids and several staff members were completed last week at the Have Faith Haiti Mission in Port Au Prince.  Dr. Keri Miller and her team of volunteers (pictured below) reported only a few minor cavities among the kids, with one child needing some baby teeth extracted.

Missionary Jennifer Hambrick, who oversees care of the children along with her husband, Jeremiah, says, “Making sure the kids develop great oral hygiene is something we stress daily, so it’s good to see it’s working.”

Dr. Miller and her team also took on another project at the Mission while there:  painting the boys’ room as well as the hallways and stairwell in the dorms.  Says Hambrick, “Everything looks so clean!”

More photos (click to view larger):

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