Mitch Albom: Haitian student torn between college in Michigan and his earthquake-ravaged family (Detroit Free Press)

Concours d’orthographe at Have Faith Haiti

Our French Spelling Bee, the sister to our English bee held at the end of June, was held on July 5th. We discovered that many of our brilliant English spellers are also very accomplished French spellers!

Chivensky once again took first place for the middle school! Our runner up was Esterline. Congratulations!

Widley once again took first place for French level 5. And Djouna once again was the runner up!

In French level 4, Enolyka and Louvenson battled it out, and it ended in a tie. Enolyka was one of our winners in English and Louvenson was the runner up in that one, but tied for first place in French. Our runner up in French was Cinlove!

Congratulations to all!

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