Bonded for Life: A Dental Story from Have Faith Haiti

Aug 21, 2013 | News + Updates

smile_esterline_8-2013The Have Faith Haiti Mission would like to extend its sincerest thanks to Dr. Keri Miller of East Alabama pediatric dentistry in Auburn, AL for her recent work at the Have Faith Haiti Mission. One of the Mission’s children, Esterline, fell and broke her two front teeth. A local dentist’s suggested solution was to pull one tooth and perform a root canal on the second, which would put Esterline through much unnecessary pain and dental work. With the help of Dr. Miller, who has helped the Mission in providing dental care for the children, Estreline’s teeth were bonded and repaired, and her smile is as beautiful as ever.

Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Miller and her team for all their wonderful work.

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About Have Faith Haiti

Have Faith Haiti is a nonprofit organization providing safety, nourishment, education, and opportunity for Haiti’s impoverished children and orphans, and stability for staff and their families in Port-au-Prince. You can learn more here.