Annual Spelling Bee Ends in Three-Way Tie

Apr 28, 2016 | Have Faith Haiti, News + Updates

On Wednesday, April 27, the school at the Have Faith Haiti Mission held its third annual English Spelling Bee and for the first time ever, three winners tied for first place. Congratulations to Djouna, JJ, and Widley. 

No polysyllabic words could take these winners down. Words like carboniferous,  aurora, Ordovician, Mississippian, deciduous, brachiopods, Pennsylvanian, descendant, phosphorous were no match for the victors.

The runners up, after reaching the tie breaker rounds, were Esterline and Appoloste, felled by “abbreviation” and “heterotroph” respectively.

Each winner received their own English dictionary, and winners and finalists got certificates of excellence. The kids in the audience were rapt, well-behaved and supportive, cheering for every child.

Stay tuned for next week’s French Spelling Bee

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