Nickname: Apple Sauce
Birthday: September 6
Grade: Collège 2

Appoloste or “Apple Sauce” is as sweet as his nickname. His joy is infectious; he loves to crack jokes and make others smile—it’s no surprise his favorite movie is The Mask! To make the friendly funny man smile in return, offer him a slice of pizza, since that’s his favorite food. Appoloste’s interests in math and playing basketball match his ambitions to be an accountant or a basketball player when he grows up. He was not only one of the runner-ups in the 2016 Spelling Bee, but also the Connect 4 Champion of the Mission’s boys! Appoloste’s role model is Michael Jackson and loves the moonwalk. His only request is that the Mission play more Michael Jackson.

Appoloste survived the earthquake while on our grounds, being pulled out the window by several of the older boys. Despite the trauma, he was an upbeat and playful child who has become a leader among the other boys. He values one on one quiet time with the teachers and staff and always offers to help if it means spending quality time with them.

Updates from the Mission

STEAM Week Take 2!

Dan Wenkel and Dr. Beth Robelia, dedicated science teachers from Minnesota, returned with fellow educator and art teacher, Chris Weihe, for another engaging STEAM week in March. STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics, is...

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Holiday Happenings at Have Faith Haiti

Holy exclamations, Batman, that's a lot of alliteration! But there was also a lot of spirit as we celebrated the holy season. Over the weekend we honored some of our sports folks. We broke bread together on Christmas eve, and Manno, home from college for the first...

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Learning How to Care for Our Planet

Last weekend, students at Have Faith Haiti were treated to an all-day field trip to an ecological reserve called Wynne Farm.  Taking a multi-faceted approach to nature preserve, Wynne Farm is one of the few nature attractions, ecological parks, environmental schools,...

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A Week of Scientific Exploration

Science Week came to Have Faith Haiti, thanks to Dan and Beth Wenkel, two scientists from Minnesota who devoted an entire week to different science projects and lessons for students at every education level.  First and foremost, a lesson on safety. Mirlande and...

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