Help Us Build a Safe House Update #2

May 10, 2023 | News + Updates

A parade for little Nadie today, whose little legs are unstoppable! Less than a year ago, a six-month-old Nadie arrived at Have Faith Haiti near death from malnutrition, surviving just on sugar water. Now, take a look at her triumphant return! 

There is joy and growth inside the protection of our walls despite the challenges that surround us — thank you for helping to contribute to that safety and security, for making it stronger. We’re just $4,000 away from our goal, and so very grateful to all of you for getting us as far as we have!! 

Mitch Albom (@mitchalbom) is joining Maria Shriver (@mariashriver) live on Instagram today at 4:30pm (eastern time) to share more updates from Have Faith Haiti. Follow them on Instagram to tune in!

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About Have Faith Haiti

Have Faith Haiti is a nonprofit organization providing safety, nourishment, education, and opportunity for Haiti’s impoverished children and orphans, and stability for staff and their families in Port-au-Prince. You can learn more here.