Sendie Love

Nickname: Cindy

Joining us in the summer of 2021, Cindy has made her presence known. If she tends to be a bit rowdy, we think it’s part of how she just wants to fit in with the other kids. She’s the oldest of our newest additions (admitted at age five). She’s quick to love – to both give it out and receive it. 


Stephania is from Jeremie, and a survivor of Hurricane Matthew. She is sweet and loving, but also stands up for herself. She likes the color pink and to play with her dolls. Stephania loves to laugh, dance, and read, and is a fast learner.


Dorvensky is friendly, extroverted and loves to read. His smile is contagious—it’s probably those striking dimples—and always reaches his eyes. His older brother is Chivensky, and will follow him in anything, whether it’s learning to play drums or just around the yard. He wants to grow up to be a football goalie. He is passionate about singing, especially at our nightly devotion and he loves to try new things


Nickname: Babu, Melissa

Bright, inquisitive, and generous, Bettinie is often the first to share and help others, giving out snacks to hungry people on the street or sharing her own plate with whomever is near. She loves cooking and fashion. Her favorite subject in school is History because she likes to learn about things that happened a long time ago. Her favorite thing about the mission is that there are a lot of kids and there is always someone to talk to. You’ll always find her with a book in her hand and eager to learn.


Nickname: J.U., Jon U

Outgoing and personable, J.U. is an effervescent boy who takes on all challenges at blinding speed. He never gives up and truly cares about others. He wants to grow up to be a lawyer and an ambassador. 

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About the Mission

The Have Faith Haiti Mission is a special place of love and caring, dedicated to the safety, education, health and spiritual development of Haiti’s impoverished children and orphans. You can learn more here.