Esther is from Jeremie, and a survivor of Hurricane Matthew. She is sassy and funny and silly, and really wants to succeed in school. She can be shy but she loves to sing and dance. She is currently taking ballet on the weekends at the mission. Esther has a close relationship with our oldest girl Samanza and always looks up to her. 


Shamaika is from Jeremie, and a survivor of Hurricane Matthew. She’s sassy and fun, but loves to learn and find ways to be helpful around the Mission. She’s a natural dancer. She enjoys writing creative stories in her journal, playing with her doll, singing, and playing tag.  She is very artistic and loves painting and coloring. When she grows up she would like to be a fashion designer, a chef, or an artist. 


With the help of Espwa Berlancia, a malnutritional clinic where many of our kids volunteer, Gaelson has overcome severe malnutrition. He later received life-saving care for a previously untreated pulmonary infection through the assistance of a group of generous doctors and volunteers culminating in surgery at Children’s Hospital in Michigan. He was excited to be around children his own age and quickly made friends. He’s very silly and mischievous, and may just be our best dancer. Funny and outgoing, he loves to eat and is helpful with chores in the kitchen. 


Smiling and happy since the day he arrived when he was barely 3 years old, Marc has since stretched upward into a cheerful, energetic child, who looks at the older kids like a giant family of brothers and sisters. He is a math whiz in school. Math and science are his favorite subjects in school. He would like to be a scientist when he grows up. He likes to read and play tennis in his free time, and looks forward to practicing the violin. 


We call her little Gina, but her voice is anything but — you can hear it resonate across the mission. Her voice only matches her strong-willed and bold spirit, both on display at nightly devotions while singing her favorite songs. Gina believes in helping others. Gina has a sparkling personality and all the characteristics of a great leader. In her free time she likes to read and play the violin. She has a passion for acting and would like to be an actress when she is older. She is inspired when she watches movies at the mission. Her favorite subject in school is science. 


Josue takes his responsibility to water the garden twice each day very seriously, and is quick to help with any chore if it means spending quality time with the staff. Josue loves reading, dancing, and cooking, especially rice Sos Pia (bean sauce), and chicken..  He’s very competitive academically and strives to the best in his class, hoping to one day become a businessman and accountant who owns not one but two restaurants in Haiti.


Enolyka is an incredible dancer and a multiple spelling bee champion. One of her favorite subject is science. She is a great role model and enjoys playing with the younger kids at the mission. When she grows up she would like to be a Fashion Designer. 


Edney was our first student to graduate from the Mission’s school. Bright like his cousin Widley who also lives at the Mission, Edney is inquisitive and precocious. We are sure the “E” in his name stands for “encyclopedia,” his favorite book, for all the information he eagerly absorbs. This young scholar also has a passion for classical music. He loves to play the bass and enjoys reading in his free time. Edney has a great sense of humor and is loved by all of the children. He is looking forward to starting college in the fall and plans to study business.  In the future he would like to be the Director of the Have Faith Haiti Mission.


Nickname: Sam

Siem is stocky and always laughing, and was often responsible for the sound of laughter throughout the Mission, whether it’s his own or the staff’s from the jokes he tells. He considers Mr. Mitch his role model because he you can tell he is a “person you can count on” for the way he is providing an education and shelter for children in need.  He is currently enrolled in Madonna University in Michigan.

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The Have Faith Haiti Mission is a special place of love and caring, dedicated to the safety, education, health and spiritual development of Haiti’s impoverished children and orphans. You can learn more here.