Grade: Secondary 3

Nickname: J.J.
Birthday: April 6

J.J. is the boisterous entertainer of the Mission. He is motivated and strives for excellence in everything he does. He loves to read and play basketball. J.J. likes history, math and science, especially learning about oceans and marine animals, which are often the subjects of his drawings. In the future he would like to study business in college.

Updates from the Mission

A Young Writers’ Retreat

Esther, Shamaika, Angeline, Jimmyna, and Stephania have been spending a lot of their free time recently writing short stories and even designing pictures for each page. They asked one of their teachers, Danielle, to help them edit, and soon they formed their own...

Learning the Art of Handicraft

Two new wonderful volunteer additions at our school are teaching the joy — and the skills — of the craft maker.

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