Nickname: JJ
Birthday: April 6
Grade: Secondary 1 (High School)

Johnathan, affectionately known as “JJ,” is the boisterous entertainer of the Mission. He is motivated and strives for excellence in everything he does. JJ loves math and science, especially learning about oceans and marine animals, which are often the subjects of his drawings. But it doesn’t stop there! In fact, he likes to draw many aspects of the world around us including people, houses, and trees. His creativity also shines through acting. At Christmas—his favorite holiday—JJ plays one of the wise men in the Mission’s plays during the season. Whatever his ambition or task, JJ has a generous heart and is driven to take care of others. His favorite day of the week is Saturday because he enjoys volunteering at the malnutrition clinic. Hoping to further cultivate his hospitality when he grows up, JJ would like to run a hotel and donate his earnings to the Church and those in need like his role model, Mr. Alain.

 In 2018, he helped launch and is an editor of the student newspaper, the Have Faith Daily Times.

Updates from the Mission

STEAM Week Take 2!

Dan Wenkel and Dr. Beth Robelia, dedicated science teachers from Minnesota, returned with fellow educator and art teacher, Chris Weihe, for another engaging STEAM week in March. STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, & mathematics, is...

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Holiday Happenings at Have Faith Haiti

Holy exclamations, Batman, that's a lot of alliteration! But there was also a lot of spirit as we celebrated the holy season. Over the weekend we honored some of our sports folks. We broke bread together on Christmas eve, and Manno, home from college for the first...

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Learning How to Care for Our Planet

Last weekend, students at Have Faith Haiti were treated to an all-day field trip to an ecological reserve called Wynne Farm.  Taking a multi-faceted approach to nature preserve, Wynne Farm is one of the few nature attractions, ecological parks, environmental schools,...

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