Grade: Coll├ęge 1

Nickname: Babu, Melissa
Birthday: October 15

Bright, inquisitive, and generous, Bettinie is often the first to share and help others, giving out snacks to hungry people on the street or sharing her own plate with whomever is near. She loves cooking and fashion. Her favorite subject in school is History because she likes to learn about things that happened a long time ago. Her favorite thing about the mission is that there are a lot of kids and there is always someone to talk to. You’ll always find her with a book in her hand and eager to learn.

Updates from the Mission

A Young Writers’ Retreat

Esther, Shamaika, Angeline, Jimmyna, and Stephania have been spending a lot of their free time recently writing short stories and even designing pictures for each page. They asked one of their teachers, Danielle, to help them edit, and soon they formed their own...

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